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Michigan Administrative Rules for
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Special Education Parent Handbook
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Special Education Parent Handbook
& Procedural Safeguards (Spanish)

Special Education Parent Handbook
& Procedural Safeguards
(American Sign Language)

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Medicaid is a jointly funded Federal-State health insurance program for persons with low income and/or disabilities. Since 1993, Michigan school districts may claim reimbursement for Medicaid-eligible special education students receiving covered services under the School-Based Services Program. Covered services consist of physical and behavioral health services included in the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

In 2019, Michigan expanded coverage to include reimbursement for all Medicaid-eligible students receiving behavioral support services. This expansion is called Caring 4 Students (C4S) and addresses the mental health needs of all students. The addition of C4S along with the existing School-Based Services Program is now collectively referred to as Medicaid School Services Program.

Reimbursement from Medicaid School Services Program does not affect the family’s Medicaid insurance benefits, and services are delivered at NO COST to the family. Districts are required to notify the family of children who qualify for services and obtain consent prior to requesting reimbursement from Medicaid.

Susan Starkweather

Medicaid Coordinator

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